Apex's Flexographic Anilox Solutions Introduce Two Innovations to Boost Your Performance

flexographic anilox performance

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What Major OEMs Are Saying:

Why Apex Anilox Technology?

We are the only global anilox manufacturer capable of providing any engraving available on the market, including our patented GTT2.0 Technology.

GTT2.0 for Flexo features open slalom ink channel geometry, so ink flows uniformly and calmly onto the plate. It also: 

  • More stable & controllable ink viscosities
  • Available in all printing applications
  • Reduced anilox inventory
  • Most consistent engraving in the market 

Our UltraCell cell shallow-profile geometry is available for any specification you need and promotes:

  • Value - greater ink release, faster clean-up
  • Inking Efficiency - low-porosity ceramic & shallow geometry enable more complete and consistent ink release to plate
  • Durability - increased score resistance & corrosion resistance

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